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The following links can provide you with additional useful medical information.


Prenatal Test Available

Please click on this link for information about the Harmony prenatal test which we offer.  This test is available to any OB patient but is especially recommended for patients over age 35.

Childbirth Classes

The following PDF files providing information on Exeter’s Hospital’s Family Center will be useful to any expectant parents. A separate pdf includes pricing for childbirth classes.
PDF -The Family Center Programs
PDF – Family Center Childbirth Classes – Fees 2015

PDF Downloadable Documents

PDF – 36 Week OB Packet
PDF – Glucose Tolerance Test Instructions
PDF – Medication Orders For Pregnant Patients
PDF – Pregnancy and Postpartum Emotional Support Services

Learn more about pregnancy and vaccines by downloading this helpful PDF:
PDF – Pregnancy Vaccination

New Baby Coming?

Learn how to prepare for the arrival of your new little one with tips on everything from clothing to car seats, readying the nursery and breastfeeding.
PDF – New Baby Coming

About Nitrous Oxide for Easing Labor

Learn the facts about Nitrous Oxide and how it can ease labor, who is eligible, and how it works.
PDF – Nitrous Oxide for Easing Labor

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Protect your baby from possible harm by learning safe sleeping positions, as well as the best mattress materials, sleepware, cribs and more.
PDF – Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Keep Your Child Healthy & Safe

Check out these tips regarding your child’s safety, from toys to play seats, and more.
PDF – Keep Your Child Healthy & Safe

OB Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life, but it brings a lot of questions. Let us answer your most commonquestions.

PDF – Frequenly Asked Questions

Suggestions for Nausea Control

Nausea is a common problem for many expectant moms, but it can be controlled. Check out our helpful tips.

PDF – Suggestions for Nausea Control

Testing in Pregnancy

Pregnancy calls for a number of tests to help ensure the health of mom and baby. This pdf explains what these tests are for and why they are important.

PDF – Testing in Pregnancy